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I was born  in the Appalchian mountain foothills now known in southwestern Virginia as The Crooked Road. The wind whistled through the hollar,  Lester Flatt and Bill Monroe played from the back of a pick up, Mama thought it was all sad music so we also listened to Orving Berlin and Cole Porter while telling stories, lots of Jack Tales and ghost stories. Mama used Greek mythology to teach us lessons. Daddy used the Bible. In between, they told us abut our family all the way back to the Garden of Eden. Yes, they embellished. It was those stories that caught my imagination until I heard myself telling them to one generation, another generation, the neighbors became a festival the festival became a stage and I became Auntmama. I’ll tell you my stories and I want you to tell yours. That’s how we connect and a community forms.



Kathya Alexander, Auntmama, Olubayo Johnson

StoryTable @ Starbucks

Auntmama’s StoryTable, presented with the Seattle Storytellers Guild, features the Aunties who stir up a new story every month along with a marquee teller and featured musicians. We’ve expanded the genres. We are still about building community with open words, poetry, fiction writers and a spit or two. Still, it’s family friendly, theme oriented and free to the public.


What I am is a community builder. The way I build community is through stories. Stories intersect at the crossroads of strangers, friends, cultures, gender generations connecting one person to another. My stories come from my growing up home in the Appalachian Mountains. They tell of life in my Northwest home and points along the way. 

Radio Host - KBCS.FM

It is pure pleasure to work with KBCS. FM. I began as a consultant, went on to telling stories and stayed to co- host. Sunday Folks, is a three hour Americana show airing at nine AM On 91.3. The Web connects many of us so you can hear Sunday Folks around the globe. There’s something for everyone and that’s how community radio builds community.


Stories may be born in the heart but they sweat on the page. Yes! I write my stories and so do most tellers of original tales. Of course some some soul stories began by walking the floor. The great teller Laura Packer calls it sole writing. I was a writer before telling stories, a journalist, a consultant publishing in trade magazine, a poet in asundry collections and reviews.


Everyone has a story to tell. Singer/songwriters set up a song with story. Grant writers clarify their mission and leaders inspire.


Coaching combines simplicity with a sprinkle of sizzle. Contact me and we'll discuss details. 

"Living Legacy"

The City of Seattle Arts and Culture Center named Mary Anne Moorman a Living Legacy in 2019.

Valued Volunteer 2020

The Wintergrass 2020 Festival named Auntmama a Valued Volunteer 2020.

Gold Award Women Owned Business

The International Women's Business Owners Association gave Mary Anne Moorman a gold award in 1999.

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